Egle Karalyte
founder + strategist

Egle has been helping brands such as Adobe, Fotolia, Maroc Tasshilat, Telquel, Deutsche Bank, digital startups and creatives to move one step forwards towards their full potential, uncover ways to grow, evolve and express their authenticity since 2008.

She has lived and worked in NYC, Paris, London, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, Barcelona and Beirut. Egle enjoys sharing her experience with fellow entrepreneurs and creatives through workshops, which she has run at the Paris Telecom Tech incubator, Google Campus in London, Technopark in Casablanca, Startup Chile in Santiago de Chile, and Beirut Digital District.

There is nothing more fulfilling for her than seeing a meaningful vision come to reality. Even sipping fresh coconut water on an isolated beach in Brazil can’t beat it. If you call her up with a good idea that creates an impact and has a global reach, she’ll be there in no time!

Egle is also the co-founder @ My Visual Brief and the founder of the product line Graines de Soleil.

Check out her personal website here.