From a Birdie

A web-based service enabling you, your friends and your family to create a book of letters for a mutual friend.

User experience design + digital marketing



To promote the service we initiated and managed different marketing techniques:

  • keyword research,
  • creation of the strategic content pages to help rank the website higher on the search engines,
  • optimization of the product pages for the SEO,
  • Facebook ads,
  • Pinterest ads,
  • influencer outreach,
  • email campaign.


Strategic Content Pages

Here are the strategic content pages we created to help the website rank better on the search engines:


Facebook Ads

Here are some examples of the Facebook Ads we ran:

Influencer Outreach



Marketing is a team effort. The results we received were highly influenced by everyone in the project – the cofounders, the designer, the developer, and the copywriter.

Since the ROI data is confidential, we are not able to share the details here. We can give a rough outline, though: over the period of 8 months, we increased the sales 3 times from what it was before.