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Brand strategies + content to strike your chord

Taika Ström is all about finding your flow and distilling it into a strategic plan for your brand.

We help leaders, progressive brands and cities step out into the surf in search of ways to grow, evolve and express their authenticity.

Ride the wave with us and let's shape your brand into an experience that pulls your people your way like a siren's call.

Adventurous, are you?

Always in search of the bold and the brazen, for ways to grow your brand that haven't been trodden before?

So are we. Nice to meet you.

We can tell you like to explore new waters widely & deeply. Go against the current, if need be.

We'll happily be your diving instructor if you are looking for a reliable partner.

Breathe deep and let's plunge into your brand.
Bring out its finest qualities, top it up with fresh ideas, and give it all the steam it needs
to get to the next level with a splash.

We'll make you 2 promises:
1. We'll resurface bearing shiny pearls.
2. We won't forget to have some fun
along the way.

So, how about it?

Care to swim together and create some magic along the way?

We can help you

  1. Uncover your authenticity / solidify your foundation / tune into your flow
    Create an empowering alignment between who you are as a leader, what the market needs, what the trends are, what your business does & how you run it. Identify areas for growth & differentiation. Crystallize your next moves.
  2. Express your authenticity / define your authentic voice / give a shape to it all
    Consolidate it all into a strategic plan for your brand. Define your brand’s purpose, personas, positioning, and brand architecture. Articulate your brand statement. Design your brand identity, storytelling plan, and website.
  3. Celebrate your authenticity / attract + engage your people
    Create authentic story-driven content which will reflect your point of view and resonate with your audience. Orchestrate creative campaigns to pull your audience your way like a siren’s call.


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